In dedication to the law of "accelerating returns"
Established by a group of veteran executives, technologists, and entrepreneurs, Y2X specializes in regulated token issuances and innovative capital raising mechanisms. Y2X maintains stakes in companies it helps finance and utilizes its network of expert advisors to help those companies grow.
Y2X Continuing Support: Y2X selects its partners carefully and maintains equity stakes in the companies it works with. We provide ongoing support through management and advisors, and serve on the boards and advisory boards of portfolio companies.
Valuable Network: Y2X develops opportunities for shareholders to participate in financing rounds conducted by the company and its partners, including venture rounds and co-investments.
Managed Regulatory Risk: Y2X ensures full compliance with AML/KYC, accredited investor, and other regulations pertaining to securities issuance and trading in the U.S. and elsewhere.
Global Reach: Y2X can access investors globally in the traditional investment arena as well as in cryptocurrency. Our tokens will be marketed to investors globally, as permitted by local regulation.
Liquid Secondary Markets: Y2X is working with partners to develop secondary markets for its tokens in the U.S and other key venues to ensure liquidity in its tokens once trading is permitted.
Y2X Token Sale
Token sale
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We apply an academic overlay of "alpha filters" to our investment methodology. If applied correctly, our filters guarantee perpetual alpha and exponential returns.
Disruptive Technologies
Mindful Intentional Aligned
Our client is one of the leaders in creating and creating practical uses for artificial intelligence. Y2X will raise funds to enable him to build a new business utilizing fine-tuned AI in the multi-billion dollar travel industry.
Y2X will fund companies converting methane currently flared off as a by-product of petroleum extraction into usable diesel fuel and industrial-grade wax. Working with experienced engineering firms, Y2X can create very attractive investment returns while at the same time combatting emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
We are working with a leading energy company to raise capital to extract lithium from waters from their geothermal plant to extract lithium and other minerals. The plant sits above one of the largest sources of lithium in the world.
Y2X is funding companies developing technologies essential for building the cities of the future. This combines architecture, energy efficiency, infrastructure, information technology, and other sciences required to create sustainable urban environments.
Y2X has the opportunity to partner with a company in the fiber-optic industry with licenses to lay underwater cable to finance the construction of new lines connecting key nodes within the U.S. With the expansion of 5G and the growth of demand for high-capacity fiber, this is expected to be a high-return investment.
Our client has developed portable devices capable of detecting viruses and other diseases. The technology has already been FDA-approved for some tests and the company has a clear path forward to expand its permitted uses.
We are working with the co-founders of one of the world’s leading franchises in holding events to disseminate ideas globally. Y2X will work with the company to build out the business and create new opportunities to connect investible ideas with the capital they require to grow to fruition.
Y2X is an ecosystem of like-minded investors, technologists, innovators, intellectuals, disruptors and pioneers who are combining best-in-class vision, leadership and investment acumen with a long-standing track record. We partner with entrepreneurs and we invest in pre-ICO rounds to maximize returns. We take meaningful stakes and add ‘partner’ business value to ensure that our entrepreneurs execute.
Y2X Ecosystem
J. Todd Morley
J. Todd Morley
J. Todd Morley – Co-Founder, J. Todd Morley co-founded Y2X, which combines information technologies with assets of human need. Mr. Morley is also Founder and Chairman of G2 Investment Group. In 1999, Mr. Morley co-founded investment firm Guggenheim Partners LLC, which has over $300 billion assets under management. He served on the Guggenheim Board as well as on its Executive Committee. G2 was founded in 2009, when Mr. Morley identified an opportunity with several partners to build an investment group that creates and sustains profit for individuals, families and institutions.
Mo Gawdat
Mo Gawdat
Mo Gawdat, Co-Founder – Mo has an impressive combined career of 27 years, starting at IBM Egypt as a Systems Engineer before moving to a sales role in the government sector. Venturing in to the UAE, Mo joined NCR Abu Dhabi to cover the non-finance sector. At Microsoft he assumed various roles over a span of seven and a half years, in his last role at Microsoft he headed the Communications Sector across Emerging Markets worldwide. Mo joined Google in 2007 to kick-start its business in Emerging Markets. Over a period of 6 years, Mo started close to half of Google’s operations worldwide. In 2013 he moved to Google’s infamous innovation arm, Google [X] where he led the business strategy, planning, sales, business development and partnerships.
Shauna Mei
Shauna Mei
Shauna Mei is the co-founder of QBX Financial, a LATAM focused blockchain company, and is also the EVP of Global Operation of Binary Financial, a market leading crypto brokerage and OTC company. Shauna is the co-founder of Arclydia Group, a crypto advisory company dedicated to helping impact driven teams to solve global problems using blockchain and decentralized technologies. Formally, she worked at ConsenSys while incubating a real estate crypto project. She serves on the board of LynQ, a location-based peer-to-peer off grid wearable technology company, and on DV Labs, a proprietary video compression technology company for live video.
David Shuler
David Shuler
David Shuler, Co-Founder - Prior to co-founding Y2X, David Shuler was from 2015-2018 at Paxos/itBit, a startup financial services technology and trust company focused on cryptocurrency trading and developing practical uses for the Blockchain. He was Managing Director, Alliance and Venture Management of CME Group Inc. Before joining CME Group, Mr. Shuler served as Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff for NYSE during the company’s transition to a public company. Mr. Shuler previously held leadership roles at Goldman Sachs & Co. in New York and Japan, and he spent over a decade as a diplomat in the U.S. State Department, including postings in Osaka, Japan, Thessaloniki, Greece, and Washington, DC.
Arthur Andrew Bavelas
Arthur Andrew Bavelas
Arthur Andrew Bavelas, Managing Partner an internationally known entrepreneur, family office investor founder or co-founder of multiple businesses and founder of Family Office Insights peer-to-peer gatherings. He is also the originator of the Fortune’s Fortress process of safeguarding wealth and creating sustainable enterprise value. He is a frequent speaker to the hedge fund, private equity, family office and digital asset & crypto communities.
Daniela Saad Rebouças
Daniela Saad Rebouças
Daniela Saad Rebouças, Co-Founder, prior to co-founding Y2X Daniela was the founder of G2 Development Planning. She is an Architect and Real Estate professional with over 15 years of experience in architecture, real estate development, acquisitions, investment, design, and construction. Mrs. Reboucas has created a successful, an interdisciplinary real estate businesses, using her expert project management analysis skill to execute multiple, high profile, international real estate projects with the help of a broad and exclusive network of global investors and developers. Daniela has been a guest speaker and led a Studio at the Real Estate Development Program and School of Architecture Planning and Preservation of Columbia University, for several years.
Dori Karjian
Dori Karjian
Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer
Dori Karjian, Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer – Dori Karjian has 20 years of legal experience representing financial services companies and entrepreneurs and innovators from a wide and diverse set of industries, including infrastructure, real estate, media, and technology. Mr. Karjian has a deep skill set in transactional, corporate and securities work, with an emphasis on structuring and compliance related issues facing private securities offerings, as well as ongoing compliance management of regulated entities. Mr. Karjian was a co-founder of G2 Investment Group, alongside J. Todd Morley. Since 2015, Mr. Karjian has also been the President of Stratford Securities, LLC, a FINRA registered broker-dealer that has been acquired by Y2X.
Anahita Moghaddam
Anahita Moghaddam
Co-Founder & Chief Mindfulness Officer
Anahita Moghaddam, Co-Founder & Chief Mindfulness Officer is the founder of Neural Beings, and a coach and speaker who’s methodology is rooted in the Eastern contemplative traditions, and continuously refined under the mentorship of leading scientists and academics in the fields of contemplative psychology and neuroscience. The focus of her work is on the mind, self, reality and happiness. Her clients include executives, entrepreneurs, UN staff, diplomats, as well as leaders in finance, hospitality, design, technology and social innovation. She has spoken at various conferences including The World Happiness Summit, and has led workshops at The Harvard Business School Club NY, Soho House NY and more.
Y2X Advisors
Shawn Sloves
Shawn Sloves
Co-Founder CEO of Fundamental Interactions
Shawn Sloves, Co-Founder CEO of Fundamental Interactions - Shawn is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Atlas ATS and Fundamental Interactions. Prior to joining the firm, Shawn was co-founder and Head of Product & Strategy at Mantara Inc. In his five years at the firm he developed a suite of low latency trading infrastructure products, widely deployed across firms and backed by over $40 million in invested venture capital. Shawn has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Shawn is a pioneer in electronic trading for direct market access and a market structure expert.
Dr. Anita Goel
Dr. Anita Goel
Chairman and CEO of Nanobiosym and Nanobiosym Diagnostics
Dr. Anita Goel, Chairman and CEO of Nanobiosym and Nanobiosym Diagnostics – Dr. Goel is a world-renowned expert and pioneer in the emerging field of Nanobiophysics - a new science at the convergence of physics, nanotechnology, and biomedicine. As Chairman and CEO of Nanobiosym® and Nanobiosym® Diagnostics, Dr. Goel has harnessed these fundamental insights to invent, incubate, and start commercializing next-generation nanotechnology platforms like Gene-RADAR® for Mobile and Personalized Health, energy harvesting and quantum computing with molecular nanomachines that read and write information in DNA.
Eddie Ibanez
Eddie Ibanez
Founder and CEO
Zenabi Data
Eddie Ibanez, Founder and CEO, Zenabi Data.
Barry Klarberg
Barry Klarberg
Monarch Wealth and Business Management LLC
Barry Klarberg, Monarch Wealth and Business Management LLC – Barry Klarberg, a CPA, formed Monarch Wealth and Business Management LLC in 2008, a full service Family Office firm specializing in providing Business and Wealth Management Services to High Net-Worth Individuals, Athletes and Entertainers. Preceding Monarch, Barry spent two years as Senior Managing Director at Guggenheim Partners, LLC heading up Guggenheim Wealth Services New York and Los Angeles offices. His team managed over 100 client relationships. Prior to joining Guggenheim Partners, Barry was responsible for managing Assante Wealth Services and Loring Ward Private Family Office from January 1, 2000 to August 15, 2006.
Y2X in the Media
News Release
Y2X Launched to Revolutionize Capital Formation and Investment Management
❖ Six Mandates Confirmed to Raise Capital for Leading Venture Firms
❖ Futuristic Investment Model intends to generate Perpetual Alpha Returns
❖ Company to raise $200 million through Global Token Offering

New York, USA. May 15, 2018. Guggenheim Partners LLC and G2 Co-Founder J. Todd Morley and a consortium of investors and co-founders announced today the launch of a new blockchain-centric company. Y2X is building the leading new era technology-driven capital formation and strategic early-round investment that identifies, finances, and incubates transformative ideas and businesses. The company comprises a dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurs, financial experts, investors, and technologists who will support a portfolio of companies focused on the sectors of highest potential growth for human need.

Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer of Google [X] and a Co-Founder of Y2X, said "Y2X is creating a unique platform and community that harnesses the power of peer-to- peer fintech and embraces new blockchain protocols to help entrepreneurs. This is the chance to develop a new technology driven financing model that supports innovation and entrepreneurship, which is led by an exceptional team with deep investing knowledge and experience across investment management."

Global leaders involved in the formation of Y2X include: Arthur A. Bavelas, founder of Family Office Insights and Bavelas Group Family Office; Peter Getz, CEO, PLG Consulting; Eddie Ibanez, CEO, Chief Scientist and founder of Zenabi; Anahita Moghaddam, founder of Neural Beings; Daniela S. Reboucas, Co-founder of G2 Development and Planning and a renowned architect and real estate executive; David L. Shuler, former Managing Director, Paxos, and Vice President, Goldman Sachs; and, Shawn Sloves, CEO and co-founder of Atlas ATS and Fundamental Interactions.

Y2X is raising an initial $200 million through a Global Token Offering. Y2X will specialize in regulated token issuances and innovative capital raising mechanisms and will maintain stakes in the companies it helps to finance. Y2X token holders will be offered the opportunity to participate in token issuances and follow-on offerings, executed on behalf of Y2X partners.

Through a multi-pronged strategy, Y2X is providing its partner companies with access to investors, capital and new investment vehicles; opportunities for connectivity to a broader community through its proprietary technology driven platform; and, advisory services including data analytics, research and investment expertise.

As of date, Y2X has secured six mandates to assist companies in raising capital. These leading-edge companies are in the sectors of artificial intelligence, blockchain development, education, energy, infrastructure, and nano biotechnology. With its proprietary investment underwriting methodology, a best-in-class issuance and compliance platform, pipeline of deals under execution, and a registered broker-dealer, Y2X is positioned to raise capital and provide resources for leading-edge venture and select later stage companies.

Y2X Tokens will be issued in compliance with U.S. and other securities regulations and the company is working with trading venues to create secondary markets.

“At Y2X, we believe the solution to funding the next generation of transformative ideas will emerge by disrupting the financial services ecosphere and overlaying innovation in information technology with assets that produce exponential returns,” said Y2X Co-Founder Morley. “This can occur in a permanently capitalized investment structure that rejects traditional benchmarking in favor of long term capital appreciation.”

According to Y2X Co-Founder Shuler, “We are seeing the emergence of a new asset class that is democratizing how entrepreneurial companies are funded and nurtured. We are working to bring the benefits of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to investors and to leading companies in high-growth sectors.”

“Offering peers the opportunity to participate in a foundation building moment, with an exponential growth enterprise, while solving some of the world’s most critical challenges, without the traditional frictions and misalignments of a fund, is truly groundbreaking, rewarding work,” comments Y2X Co-Founder Bavelas.

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About Y2X

Established by a group of experienced financial services professionals, technologists and entrepreneurs, Y2X specializes in regulated token issuances and innovative capital raising mechanisms. The company’s name was derived from Moore’s Law, Y=2x, and signifies its dedication to the law of accelerating returns. Headquartered in New York City, the mission of Y2X is to be the leading technology driven platform that identifies, finances, and incubates the next generation of transformative ideas and businesses globally.

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